Free Loans without Commissions or Interests

We are going to show you that, getting a free loan, without commissions or interest is possible. But we want to indicate, in the first place, that you must inform yourself well of all the conditions before hiring something. Compare the financial and ask a specialist any questions that arise is important. In this way, everything will go smoothly.

The first thing we want you to know is that financial entities are not “little sisters of charity”, so this type of loan has an end that you should know what it is. You should also know that many of the financial companies that offer free credits without commissions or interests have small print in which there are hidden charges such as opening or cancellation fees.

So, before launching, look carefully at the contract to avoid surprises.

Why do you offer free loans?

Why do you offer free loans?

Financial companies offer this type of loan in order to increase their market share and what you should know is that they do it with very specific conditions and very specific amounts. Due to the large number of banking and financial entities, this type of loans is a way to attract new customers with irresistible conditions in order to generate confidence and that this operation is only the first of many others in the future.

As we said these financial companies usually have the same operation. Lend little money (300, 800 or 1000 euros) – what is known as a microcredit – and finish the operation in less than 20 minutes. The objective is to solve a momentary lack of liquidity in the consumer.

The hook, offer 0% interest, even if we are in a file of defaulters as the FCIA.

What should we look for when asking for a free credit?

What should we look for when asking for a free credit?

We want to draw attention to the fact that, although these loans without interest are free, what is known as a 0% APR, does not mean that we can not find any type of expense that we do not have, such as opening or cancellation fees, so we must make sure of everything that is not in the publicity to get our attention.

Compare the different offers of all entities and financials will help us make the best decision.
As with any type of loan, we should not forget that the conditions they offer will be maintained as long as the payment conditions are respected.

In case of doing so, we will have to respond and pay for expenses that, in general, are quite high. This is very important since most of these loans are for 30 days, time in which we must have solved the situation that led us to ask for the loan.

How to request a free loan without commissions?

How to request a free loan without commissions?

The hiring is simple online or by phone, having to provide our personal and banking information to make the request. We do not take more than 20 minutes to do it and the answer comes very quickly between 1 hour and 2 days. The time that the lender will dedicate to evaluate our proposal and personal and economic situation. If they finally grant it to us it is essential that they send us a copy of the signed contract.

And, although obvious, we should not stop thinking that the one that has no interest, does not mean that we should not return it within the agreed deadlines so as not to enter into extra expenses, so the fees must be consistent with our ability to pay and borrow. And do not forget that this type of product is mainly aimed at new customers, since it is a commercial hook with which to capture a greater mass of public for the entity or financial.

Therefore, to get Free Money it will be necessary to request the loan in a financial institution where we have not previously requested a loan.

The absence of paperwork and the few conditions that apply to applicants (which may be included in delinquency companies such as RAI or FCIA) may lack payroll or have no endorsements and payment facilities

Requirements To request Loans and Loans without Interest

Requirements To request Loans and Loans without Interest

As in all requests for money that can be made in banks and financial institutions, we must comply with a series of requirements that the financial requires:

– In the first place, we must take advantage of the existence of some campaign or promotion of the financial where it grants mini-credits without interest and without commissions.
– Be of legal age, although in some financial institutions they ask to be over 21 years old.
– Not having already enjoyed another free loan before.
– Have monthly periodic income for some concept (payroll, pension, unemployment, aid)
– Present a copy of the DNI and other documents requested by the financier.
– Have an account opened in a bank and an operational mobile phone to receive messages and an email.
– Not be in the register of defaulters, although there are exceptions that grant free credits being in debt when the debt is not of much amount and that is not due to non-payment of other loans.

For more information on the subject, we provide an article in ABC about Loans without interest and that says the Bank of Spain

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