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How to apply for a loan in the Czech Republic

Nowadays, most of us live so fast that it is often impossible to find free time between work and other duties in order to bring what does not push us. The 2014 article, published in The Economist in the UK, predicted that in the future, working time would be shorter and we would have more free time. And while we have witnessed many technological advances that have promised to help us automate our lives and reduce our time at work, we seem to be increasingly busy.

Have everything done

Have everything done

Imagine the following model situation. Your partner’s family has been coming to visit you for the first time on a weekend visit since you moved to a common place. Both of you have been planning for months to get rid of all the unnecessary things and boxes in the other room and turn it into a guest room, yet you find that time and money are a luxury you can’t afford. Now, however, you have to do this unpleasant activity, so you decide to take a short-term loan to help fund this project.

Visit the bank

Visit the bank

The next day you go to the bank to see what your options are. Ten minutes you are looking for a place to park and when you finally get in, you will wait at least another thirty minutes before anyone takes your time.

Then, twenty minutes later, you discuss what loan is best for you, and you are asked to prove your income as well as tax returns.

Of course, you do not have these documents with you, and they will probably not be found anywhere at home. So you spent an hour at the bank, you go home to find the required jacks, and if you succeed, the same process awaits you from scratch.

But if the time before your family arrives is dangerously approaching, the option described above may not be the right one for you. There must be another solution. And it exists.

Loan online

Loan online

Whether you are busy and still need money quickly, we are here for you. With Ferratum Money, asking for a safe short-term loan has never been easier. You can apply for it non stop online, without unnecessary administration and without waiting.

For we know that when it comes to short-term financial assistance, time plays an important role. Therefore, our goal is to provide the fastest, best and user-friendly banking services.

A loan application takes just a few minutes and our automated technology allows loans to be approved in just a few seconds. We then send money the same day.

So what are you waiting for? Make your life easier with our online loan.

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